LeetCodes and Interviews: My First 100


A blog post about my experience in completing my first 100 coding problems on

How To Fail With Python


Sometimes we need to fail and quickly learn the behavior so that we can properly handle the exceptions. Here we find out how to fail with a simple python program and then handle that failure gracefully

Math And A Little Open Source Contribution


This posts reviews a new math typesetting functionality using KaTeX on the Noiiice open source blog platform.

CI/CD With The Serverless Framework & GitLab


Here we build a simple serverless AWS project using the Serverless Framework. Then we implement some CI/CD stages using GitLab CI/CD tools.

Demystifying AWS API Gateway Deployments Using CloudFormation Templates


In this post, we walk through creating a simple API Gateway REST API with Lambda function integration using the AWS Console. Then we see how to translate from the Console and deploy the same resources using a CloudFormation template.

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